April 1982 Turin, freelance photographer.

From the Faculty of Architecture to the Accademy of Photography in Turin It’s only a small step. He graduated in 2011 and began his career documenting what he loves most. He collaborates as a photographer under stage with some important music magazine such as XL from the newspaper Repubblica, Rockerilla, Rumore and Rocklab. Takings pictures of: Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Soundgarden, Depeche Mode, Vinicio Capossela, Patti Smith, Sigur Ròs, PJ Harvey, Ennio Morricone, Ben Harper, Pearl Jam and other big names on the Italian and international music scene. He continues his studies by shifting his focus to reportage photography. He attends a Master’s degree in Photojournalism in Milan and a Masterclass of Reportage Photography in Rome. Since 2014 he has been fully immersed in the stories he tells, developing long term projects.